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Tariff number 0502900000 80 - andere

Import trade restrictions for 0502900000 80

This table contains information on trade restrictions for the import of goods into the EU and the EU into third countries. The table contains information on trade restrictions which are imposed due to customs unions, preferences, tariff quotas, customs unions, veterinary controls, third country duties and non-preferential tariff quotas. Our products
Origin Start Duty / Tax Legal
Cond: B cert: Y-922 (29):; B (09):
Regulation 1523/07
Import control on cat and dog fur 745
Cond: E cert: C-672 (29):; E cert: C-669 (29):; E cert: Y-923 (29):; E 20.000/KGM(29):; E (09):; I cert: C-672 (29):; I cert: C-670 (29):; I cert: Y-923 (29):; I 20.000/KGM(29):; I (09):
Regulation 1013/06
Import control - waste 755

Explanation of trade restrictions

Erga Omnes means "for all".

Third countries are countries that are not part of the EU.

GSP means "Generalised System of Preferences".

GSP Plus means "Generalised System of Preferences Plus".

European Economic Area (EEA) means all EU member states and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

OCTs stands for "Overseas Countries and Territories". They are countries and territories that are not part of the EU. More information

CARIFORUM is a regional economic integration organisation comprising 15 Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries and the Dominican Republic.

SADC EPA stands for "Southern African Development Community - Economic Partnership Agreement".

Duty means "customs duties".


When importing or exporting "andere", it is crucial to have the correct HS code or TARIC code. The HS code 0502900000 80 serves as the standard code for this product, ensuring that the appropriate duties and taxes are applied when crossing international borders.

To ensure your business transactions run smoothly when importing or exporting "andere", consider the following points:

  1. Inform yourself about the specific import and export regulations in the countries involved. This includes possible restrictions, taxes, and duties applicable to "andere".
  2. Check if any additional licenses, permits, or certificates are required to import "andere" into the destination country or export it from the country of origin.
  3. Make sure your trading partners have valid identification numbers, such as EORI numbers (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) in the EU, to streamline trade and minimize delays.
  4. Ensure that all trade- and customs-related documents (such as commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, and insurance policies) are accurately completed and adhere to the respective national regulations.
  5. Keep an eye on the current exchange rates, as well as packaging, shipping, and insurance costs, to accurately calculate trade costs.

In summary, the HS code or TARIC code for "andere" is 0502900000 80. Make sure you accurately use this code in all your trade and customs documents to guarantee smooth and hassle-free transactions. With these tips, you'll be better prepared for the challenges of international trade and can successfully import and export "andere".

HS Code structure

CN Subheading
TARIC Subheading
Additional TARIC codes

1. Chapter

There are 21 different sections, which are divided into 96 chapters. Exceptional chapters include chapter 77, which is reserved for future use, chapters 98 and 99, which are limited at national level, and chapter 99, which is a specific code for temporary changes. In the example above, chapter 05 was selected for andere waren tierischen ursprungs, anderweit weder genannt noch inbegriffen

2. Heading

The heading determines the specific category within a certain chapter. In the example above, the 02 refers to Borsten von Hausschweinen oder Wildschweinen; Dachshaare und andere Tierhaare zur Herstellung von Besen, Bürsten oder Pinseln; Abfälle dieser Borsten oder Haare.

3. Subheading

The last two digits of the international harmonized code are more specific and define subcategories of products. In the example above, the 90 refers to andere.

HS Code tree structure

0500000000 80


0502000000 80

Borsten von Hausschweinen oder Wildschweinen; Dachshaare und andere Tierhaare zur Herstellung von Besen, Bürsten oder Pinseln; Abfälle dieser Borsten oder Haare

0502100000 80

- Borsten von Hausschweinen oder Wildschweinen und Abfälle dieser Borsten

0502900000 80

- andere